Trustees of the Sherborn Library

The Trustees are a nine member elected board of Sherborn residents who oversee the fiduciary and municipal management of the Library. Trustees serve three year terms and meet every third Tuesday during the year.  Check the town calendar for location of the meetings while the Library renovation project is underway.  Meetings are public and minutes are taken and available to the public.

Sherborn Library Board of Trustees

  Board Member   Term
  Brian Connolly, Chairperson   2025
  Frank Orlando   2023
  Thais Silveira Bessa   2026
  Erin Carroll   2023
  Tom Van Langen   2025
  Christopher Kenney   2024
  Susan F. Lepard   2024
  Seth Molloy   2025
  Mary McKenna   2024

Library Trustees Meeting Minutes Archive