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  • Continuing Progress on the Sherborn Library Project
    Continuing Progress on the Sherborn Library Project Banner Photo

    Despite the wintery weather, continuing progress is evident on the Library construction site: structural steel framing is in place, providing a visual outline for the Library addition. Passers-by may also notice protective tarps hung on the structure to shield on-going interior construction work, including placement of the ground floor slab and second floor deck. The project’s general contractor, Five Star Building Corp., continues working to waterproof the structure and backfill around the foundation. Inside the existing portion of the building, work on the HVAC, electrical, information technology and fire suppression systems continues. The latest project schedule provided to the Library Building Committee estimates a July completion date.

    The Sherborn Library Trustees recently approved a transfer of a further gift to the Town in the amount of $918,808, which is in addition to the $2,845,833 gift made previously in October 2015. “This amount represents a further portion of the total $3.8 million in private funds that have been raised to date for the Library renovation and expansion project,” explained Jim Murphy, chairperson of the Finance Committee of the Library Board of Trustees. These private funds, raised by the Campaign for the Sherborn Library, are one piece in the Trustees’ three-pronged public/private partnership to support the project. In addition, Sherborn was awarded a $3.6 million construction grant by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissions. And local municipal funding includes $1 million committed to the project by the Town of Sherborn.

    During construction, the Sherborn Library remains in its temporary home across Sanger Street at the Sherborn Community Center. There, the Library staff continues to work hard, keeping the Library running without interruption and offering a wide range of programming for patrons of all ages.

    For more information about the renovation project, to view renderings and project FAQs, and to review minutes from the Library Building Committee and Trustee meetings, please visit Renovation News. Updates can also be found at