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  • Among Friends: Friends of the Sherborn Library Newsletter Summer 2018
    Among Friends: Friends of the Sherborn Library Newsletter Summer 2018 Banner Photo

    Every Summer the Friends of the Sherborn Library publish a newsletter called "Among Friends " that features articles, upcoming Library events, our grateful acknowledgement of the support of the Library’s Friends Appeal and more. Below is a snipet from the front page column, "The Librarian's Desk..."  Go here to see the full newsletter

    The Librarian's Desk...

    The Library is on the verge of change that we are carefully managing, from the Trustees and Building Committee to staff and the public, we patiently await the return to our Library and the end of construction. I was reminded of the importance of continuity while walking the Friends 46th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair in May. Someone said my name and I turned to see the familiar face of a Trustee emeritus who was on the Board that hired me 30 years ago. The family moved from town shortly thereafter to follow life’s work that is a tremendous gift and call to humanitarianism. What brought the family back to Sherborn? Their own child, who moved back to Sherborn to raise a family. Memories, nostalgia, the values don’t change when we fondly associate the precious, formative parts of our lives with a place, even when the place changes.

    This experience of meeting up with a mentor from the past struck me as being analogous to my experience of these last 18 months we have been between libraries. While the Library is under construction, I don my official Town of Sherborn hard hat and work boots to visit it weekly to perform a different kind of code inspection. I can report with confidence that the code I inspect is still intact in your Library building, transcending the rubble of construction. Great inspiration still resounds in the hollow space, even without its books and furnishings, the fine symmetrical bones and sunlit sky views convey a code of containment and belonging, now replicated in the children’s wing.

    The revitalized Library building will revitalize personnel, and a bright, vibrant personality has been newly hired to initiate this intention, joining our long-time staff who have worked here for a combined 84 years. Liz Rowland, Public Services Librarian/Assistant Director, is gearing up with plans for new services and programs, greater staff development opportunities and stronger workplace protocol. Many of you have encountered her already and have discovered a valuable town contact, leading programs, troubleshooting technology, aiding research and book-finding.

    Now I would like to turn the remainder of this column over to Liz so she can tell you a little bit more about her ideas and experience as a career Librarian.

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for the warm introduction. I have felt so welcomed by the Sherborn community since starting at the Sherborn Library this past fall.

    For the past eleven years, I’ve had the great pleasure of working in localpublic libraries and one of the best parts of my job has been working with others to develop new programs and events that engage the community and meet their needs. Whether it’s organizing a large scale STEAM Expo (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Math) establishing a craft club, running lectures, or anything in between, I’m never more energized than when I get to find new ways to connect with patrons and ultimately, for them to connect with each other. 

    This summer, our goal is to stay connected with the Sherborn Library community in creative ways, so I am bringing some of our programs out of the building and into places like Silverwood Farm and the Heritage so we can enjoy the library and the beautiful New England summer at the same time. I also invite you to come by the community center to pick up a book and say hello and share “Where in the World” you’ve been reading with us. I truly hope to meet more of you this summer at the library and around town!

    Your Librarians,
    Elizabeth Johnston and Liz Rowland